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FM13DT160 Smart Temperature Sensor & Logger (NFC, UHF)

FM13DT160 Smart Temperature Sensor & Logger (NFC, UHF)

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FM13DT160 Smart Temperature Sensor & Logger (NFC, UHF)
Our Smart Temperature Sensor & Logger provides high accuracy temperature monitoring and logging. You can then extract the data through three interfaces: NFC, UHF, and I2C contact.
The sensor offers high measurement accuracy and configurable options via an app available on iOs and Android. This allows you to customise the measurement interval and startup time to your needs (every 10 seconds, 5 minutes, 60 minutes etc.). Available in several form factors (tag, label, washable token.)

The form factor available here is the washable token. Contact us for customization.


Main features:

·   Temperature Sensor Accuracy and Range: ±0.5 / -20~80 (configurable at production)

·   Configurable Delay Time for Starting RTC Logging: 1 minute to 10 days

·   Usable EEPROM Memory: 160 Kbits (~20,000 measurement points)

·   Data can be protected with a password and measurements can be in read-only format.

·   Measurements can be exported as a CSV table for simple editing.

·   Low Energy Consumption for Durability: Battery life from 3 months to 2 years (depending on chosen configuration)

·   Equipped with a Real-Time Clock (RTC)

·   Easily read via NFC with a cell phone or at a distance with a UHF reader


·        Hot and cold chain evaluation and follow-up (medical items, fresh foods and fish, beverages, perishable goods, and specialty chemicals). In warehousing storage, supply chain and deliveries.

·        Staff heat and cold load monitoring. The tag can be sawn into work-clothing permanently to follow-on the complete life cycle of the clothing including the washing (medical professionals, walk-in freezer workers, cooks, metal workers).


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